Mexico’s BPO industry profile shows signs of attaining its zenith

leon city, mexico

Mexico is rapidly becoming an alluring outsourcing destination in terms of call center options and other BPO activities. Countries like India and China have been registering slumps in the BPO market recently. The annual Indian economic report revealed that there was a loss of 10% during the last five years in BPO activities to other nations such as Mexico. In fact, this loss has created a significant dent in India’s share of $20B in the global outsourcing market. Factors like these have contributed to the Mexican BPO industry profile receiving an added boost.

Many Western companies have been increasingly seeking a bicultural nearshore center for their call centers with respect to customer services. The bi-cultural and bilingual pool of workforce in Mexico relates easily to the customers in North America, most of them who are from Canada and the United States. In addition, Mexico has indomitable strength in its highly knowledgeable workforce that has a strong base in the fundamentals of information technology.

This coupled with the key geographical location has been pivotal in improving the progress of Mexico’s BPO industry profile. This has been proved by the accomplishments notched by companies like Call Center Services International CCSI that has been successful in tapping into these core advantages.

Diverse prospects for Mexico’s BPO industry profile

The diverse range of prospects offered by this nation has further attracted other offshoring operations centered at other regions of the world to set up base here. For instance, Hexaware Technologies, an outsourcing company based in India has recently added another center to this region. This has paved the way for its expansion in the Latin American sector. It is highly probable that this will prompt other enterprises to explore new venues in this direction. Mexico’s BPO industry profile is likely to take off in a big way owing to such avenues being opened in this sector.

The rush towards Mexico is gaining momentum due to the fact that wages and overall costs have been reduced to a great extent from the outsourcing operations carried out in this country. Organizations that attempt to look for an alternative to call centers based in the United States are drawn towards nearshore regions like Mexico. Its close cultural links with the USA also plays a major role when it comes to deciding between Asia and Latin American countries. The BPO industry profile of Mexico stands to gain greatly from aspects such as these.

As the cost-effectiveness and cultural similarity of other regions have come under close scrutiny, the Mexican BPO industry looks set to soar to greater heights. It may not be long before this nation emerges to the forefront in the global outsourcing scenario.

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