Multi channel contact center challenges keep rising

Multi channel contact center

Today customers have various media through which they express their disappointment and discontent. The major challenge of contact centers is to provide inexpensive customer service. Multi channel contact centers are adopting new modes of customer service options ranging from mobile, email, chats, text, and now the mushrooming social media. This will drive customer satisfaction. Upcoming trends are disturbing the conventional contact center model.

The new model contact centers will be a mix of traditional contact centers with centralized location and the latest model with people working from their living rooms tackling customer queries via web sites.

As rightly stated customer is the king, they have their choices regarding communication media. Multi channel contact center challenges begin here in providing the apt medium of communication channel to keep the customer happy.

Strategies to overcome these challenges

Mobile communication which used to be a standard form of communicating with your customer is fading away and being replaced by social media. This is the first step to overcome multi channel contact center challenges.

A process should be implemented to define, review, and measure the advantage of each channel, as well as decide its effect on the network operations. Secondly companies have to decide which channel is suitable for which customer category. Using the right mix of channels for each customer query will resolve this issue.

Adding new channels to the market is the second aspect among multi channel contact center challenges. These channels will prove successful only if there is a proper awareness of these channels.

Resources must be dedicated to create awareness among the customers on using these channels. This takes a good deal of time. Integrating social media into a multichannel environment requires people to be well versed in technology. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, are not just a marketing channel but also a way to stay connected with customers in order to address and solve problems. All these factors have escalated the multi channel contact center challenges.

Maintaining a personal contact with the customer is always good for the business, as its gives the customer a feel that they are being considered.

A strong web presence is essential for any business as it encourages the customers to visit the company website and view the products and services being offered. This will keep the company informed and help to be in touch with the customer. Hence it becomes essential for companies to invest in contact centers as it is the means to retain a satisfied customer.

Alongside, multi channel contact center challenges will keep increasing as businesses turn out new strategies of satisfying their customer.

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