Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Have The Call Center Industry Certification

A call center manager or senior executive with an industry-recognized professional certification credential is highly valued in the marketplace. This is because professional certification verifies the manager or executive has job-specific expertise. Industry certification takes professional certification a step further.

First, industry certification is not tied to a particular training company or vendor. Most important of all, it is based on industry-recognized best practice competencies as determined by seasoned contact center practitioners, and a standardized assessment process that is statistically validated to ensure industry-wide applicability and fairness.

Now that call center managers and leaders have their own industry-recognized certification, it is raising the stature of these important job roles and is validation of the existence of a true professional career path in the contact center industry

This is helping to attract qualified and professionally motivated individuals for the growing number of contact center jobs. Industry certification is also promoting the strategic value of contact centers in helping organizations achieve their business objectives. Contact centers will only grow in importance as a critical link between an organization and its customers. Likewise, the roles of contact center manager and leader are growing in significance.

If you’re a call center manager, director, or vice president, here are the top 7 reasons why you should have the call center industry-recognized certification credential:


  1. In addition to traditional benefits like career advancement, improved performance, and increased confidence, the call center industry certification credential verifies that you have mastery that is transferable across the industry, differentiates you in the marketplace, and significantly enhances your value to your organization and the overall industry.
  2. If you are a seasoned practitioner and have mastered contact center management, earning the call center industry certification credential establishes you as a recognized leader in your organization and the industry. Without recognized leaders establishing a strategic direction there will be little hope for the rest of the contact center industry to affect change or be affected by change.
  3. If you are building a career in call center management, this industry certification provides a framework for you to develop the knowledge and skills needed for success. A new breed of expert-level management professional is emerging from the rigorous process necessary to achieve this respected industry credential. Through the call center industry certification process you will achieve a mastery level command of all the functional areas of contact center management. It’s an opportunity to find out what you don’t know and fill in the gaps. If you don’t know what you don’t know, how are you going to improve?
  4. The call center industry certification assures your organization that you are leading and managing according to industry-recognized best practices. Competent leadership and management is the foundation of a successful contact center operation. Organizations highly value professionals with this proven ability. Being industry certified demonstrates your unparalleled commitment to performance excellence and sends a strong message that you expect the same from your contact center team. A culture of excellence starts at the top.
  5. As a call center industry certified professional, you are viewed across the industry as a leader and role model for future contact center leaders. Being industry certified establishes you as one of the new generation of executives who not only shift their experience, interest, and strengths from inside the contact center to other parts of the organization, but who also make the pursuit of contact center management accessible for others in their organization and the industry who seek a career path into the profession. Not only does earning industry-standard certification demonstrate a commitment to your career and ongoing professional development, your value as a credentialed contact center manager with proven multi-disciplinary expertise can significantly enhance your job security. Unless you embrace continual learning, invest in your ongoing professional development, and get recognition for your achievements, you risk losing your job or being overlooked for a promotion
  6. Through the contact center industry certification process you will gain the confidence and ability to create a level of quality consciousness that will positively effect the call center and organization at large. The goal of contact center industry certification is to influence the culture of organizations by enabling a powerful validation of management strategies and practices that elevate and support the role of contact center management professionals.
  7. Unless you strive to exceed beyond what you’ve already accomplished, you will never grow. Call center industry certification challenges the status quo, requires you to be on top of the game and formally recognizes your achievement.

Amit Nayak
ITESGrads India

September 2003

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