Outsourcing legal firms: Spain has unlimited potential for growth

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The legal business scenario in Spain has been marked by prominent firms who have established a reputation in the world of law and legislation. However, many firms are yet to realize the full potential of BPO operations. Work on outsourcing legal firms, Spain has not been taken at a global level. Many Spanish firms have refused to acknowledge the benefits of outsourcing, while the country is increasingly looking forward to develop its potential as an outsourcing destination.

The availability of a large corpus of  professionals who are well qualified in information technology is the main attraction of this land where once Conquistadors held sway. Added to this are the competitive rates of services as well as potentials in its links to South America. The technical expertise of its employees that meet world class standards is an advantage that many BPO operations can utilize. Despite these facts, many Western companies have ignored the worth of this nation as a major outsourcing center. In addition, the activities of outsourcing legal firms, Spain, have to a large extent shied away from this sector.

The world of legal process outsourcing is definitely a land of opportunities for those who dare to enter its hallowed grounds. In legal process outsourcing, many sectors are covered such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, and oil and gas. It goes without saying that any company would have a lot of legal documents and other processes coming under legislations that it has to retain and adhere to.  Every year, companies spend millions of dollars on research and development in order to document, maintain, and expand their legal process. Legal process outsourcing, a wing of BPO operations, can enable these law firms to cut down budgets allocated to this field and improve business as a whole.

Hidden potentials for growth

The legal firm scenario in Spain has gone through different phases of growth. Law firms such as Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira, Garrigues, and Uria Menedez have established a solid reputation in the legal domain. However, in the wake of globalization, many legal companies have lost out to international law firms. The main competition arises from the fact that outsourcing legal firms, Spain, is yet to take off at a larger scale. While other law firms in the US and UK have jumped onto the bandwagon of legal process outsourcing, Spain appears to be lagging far behind.

The potential benefits of LPO lie in the fact that this service covers a wide range of areas such as contract management, immigration support, intellectual property rights, and litigation services. Even though this country has improved its status in terms of IT outsourcing operations, the potential of outsourcing legal firms, Spain has not been tapped effectively. Hence the Spanish legal sector can apply these well-learned lessons from the international legal community to boost its prospects in this area.

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