Outsourcing operations head WNS analytics into new avenues of achievement

WNS outsourcing paper

WNS has been a leading provider of research and analytics outsourcing services. Strategic planning and efficient delivery of services head WNS analytics into new areas of progress.

WNS is now positioned in the forefront as a major supplier of insurance BPO solutions. Its revenue has mainly come from non-voice-based services. It is now making waves in the analytics services sector.

A framework that contributes effective solutions is presented by the WNS Analytics Decision Engine (WADE)SM.This model motivates companies to attain the four stages for analytical maturity. It aids them in advancing to a fact-based level of thinking and ways for conducting operations to achieve long-term goals. These elements head WNS analytics into a path of achievement and growth.

WADE lists six main challenges that are faced by firms in reaching their targets. Data Access is the primary obstacle that organizations have to face since often, intelligent data synthesis is unavailable.

Quantity and quality of the data are compromised when the tools in place are not adequate to capture and synthesize information. Insight Generation and Execution are other two steps that a company must take in the road to attaining maturity.

Speed-to-harvest insight and Research Reuse are other two other measures to be taken in the steps to attain maturity levels.

WADE operations head WNS analytics into a new era in analytics outsourcing. This solution enables organizations to utilize and apply data sources that lie external to their infrastructure. These sources include syndicated research, custom research, macrodata sources and other industry reports. The insight provided by WNS analytics impels intelligent growth in organizations.

WNS Q4 2013 results uncover development in progress

The fourth quarter revenue results show that outsourcing operations head WNS analytics into progress and development. The Q4 2013 report reveals net revenue of $112.8 million. This represents an increase of 13% on a yearly basis. There was a reduction of 0.7% compared to the previous quarter. The net revenue was reduced by $1.8 million owing to the depreciation in the exchange rate of the British pound to the US dollar.

Excluding this factor, there was a net growth in revenue at 13.4% annually and 1% sequentially. In the course of the fourth quarter, seven new clients were added and five existing relationships were expanded.

In addition, 15 contracts were expanded. The adjusted net income in the fourth quarter reached $15.8 million. This indicated an increase of 20% compared to the previous year.

The strides made in the outsourcing sector head WNS analytics to new opportunities of growth. Resourceful and customized solutions have imparted the drive to intelligent growth at WNS.

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