Philippines to surpass India in Call center outsourcing Business shortly: CCAP Report 2011

September 5, 2011: Philippines call center outsourcing industry is moving ahead at jet speed causing a threat for Indian Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Business. The latest research study conducted by Contact Center Association of Philippines reported that the call center business in the nation is in rapid growth phase.

The study was conducted by Contact Center Association of Philippines (CCAP) to learn the current functioning of the industry and to understand its economic stability. The findings of the survey were in favor of Philippines outsourcing business.

According to the president of CCAP, Benedict Hernandez there is immense growth in the call center outsourcing business in the country. The trends are positive and scope for further growth is even high. At present the BPO sector is far advanced in business and quality of services compared what it was five years back. The growth rate is calculated to be 50 percentages higher than five years back. While comparing to the global BPO market which grew up to 12 percent from 2006 to 2010, the Philippines call center outsourcing sector delivered a performance which is about 15 percent.

As per the survey one of the foremost reasons for this rapid growth is the result of dignified growth strategies adopted by the companies in the Philippines. Today the sector as such is well equipped to deliver high quality service meeting international standards and requirements. Availability of professional language support and highly skilled employees has become the backbone. Moreover the government is also very keen to provide any kind of support for uplifting the industry as a whole. This includes support from financial assistance to land and building infrastructure.   

The report also looks into the current and upcoming challenges for the industry such as the long term sustainability and talent retention. Some of the major pointes noted by the call center outsourcing sector in Philippines include cost effective service, labor inflation, better infrastructural facilities and ultimately stability in the global market.    

Experts in the BPO sector in India finds the recent findings of CCAP little disturbing for the nation. As far as outsourcing is concerned, India has maintained the dignity of being the best outsourcing destinations worldwide. Indian BPO and IT sector is accepted worldwide for its service and also has immense potential to deliver the cheapest high quality service. The rapid growth in Philippines has not enough potential to completely off beat Indian Business, but it can attract some of the clients to start business dealings with Philippines call center outsourcing sector, experts added. Philippines could surge forward in the years to come if this trend continues.

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