Qualitative Measurement in call centers

In most call centers, qualitative measurement criteria, which focus on knowledge of products and services, customer service and call handling skills, and the policies of the organization, continue to become more refined and specific. Most use some form of monitoring (silent, with a beep tone, side by side, or record and review) to evaluate individual performance and identify training and coaching needs.

An important and developing aspect of quality is that reps take the necessary time to do the job right — no more, no less. This means not rushing calls, but also not spending excess time on calls over and above what is necessary to satisfy callers and handle them completely and correctly.

If qualitative measurements are refined enough to insure that reps are spending the appropriate amount of time handling calls, then adherence and qualitative measurements make a powerful pair. In fact, measuring calls per hour is unnecessary.

This is easier said than done in environments where qualitative measurements are vague and indeterminate. And, many managers still believe that tracking production outputs, such as calls per hour or average handling time, is necessary. But the trend is clear: well-defined qualitative measurements are beginning to erode reliance on measurements that are after-the-fact outputs.

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