Recruitment Management System – Finding the ROI on Recruitment

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Recruitment is one of the most challenging tasks in a BPO industry. As such, recruitment management system (RMS) plays a huge role in streamlining the whole recruitment process as well as determining the return on investment (ROI) on recruitment.

Recruitment not only helps build an efficient workforce in the call center but also helps build the credibility of the HR professionals. The right recruitment process ensures that a quality workforce is integrated into the call center.

However, very few organizations pay adequate attention to recruitment management process and HR professionals do not realize the potential of recruitment as an investment. Most often, recruitment process is evaluated based on the speed with which the vacant positions are filled or the feedback from the participants. The impact of recruitment on business performance is seldom given due attention.

However, in recent times, organizations have realized the potential of calculating Return of Investment from the recruitment process. This helps them gauge the business benefits as well as track results to a large extent. This requires skill and some major changes to the current recruitment management process to achieve a holistic approach towards recruitment.

Determining ROI in recruitment

Return of investment is obtained in a recruitment process when the managers hire performing people and cut the costs of recruitment. Changing the recruitment management process to reduce risk of hiring inefficient people and also bring about organizational changes favors return of investment in recruitment.

The following processes can be followed by HR professionals to ensure adequate ROI in recruitment.

  • First of all, clear analysis of business outcomes that recruitment should bring about.
  • Clear methods for measuring and tracking these business outcomes.
  • Open-minded and objective analysis of quality of candidates.
  • All required qualities to be assessed.
  • Persons involved with recruitment to have highest standards.
  • Recruiting is but one facet. The process should link to induction, training and other processes including performance management so that the business can nurture the right people.

Technology in recruitment management system

Technology has revolutionized every field of the industry and recruitment management is no different. Utilizing technology in RMS has the following advantages.

  • Efficient and careful processing of applicants can be realized.
  • Candidate relationship management possible in every stratum of the hierarchy.
  • On developing talent communities, the company can focus on targeted marketing. This will reduce cost-per-hire and time-to-fill significantly.

The integration of technology with performance management system brings about the following changes to the whole system.

  • Online application process for applicants
  • Integration between corporate recruitment site and hiring management system.
  • Seamless screening of candidates through job-specific questions and collection of resumes.
  • Enabling the candidate to see how well he/she fits the job and a comparison with others as well.
  • Facilitating communication and relationship-building of candidates with recruiters during the recruiting process
  • Data can be extracted from the system to constantly improve the whole recruiting process.

Efficient recruiting is one of the most important tasks for a HR professional not only for improving his own credibility but also to contribute to the business benefits of the organization. With the help of technology, HR professionals can induct an efficient recruitment management system that will deliver sufficient ROI on recruitment.

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