Remedial Measures for Stress Management in Call Centers

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Stress is an inevitable part of a call center job and HR- heads have to properly undertake remedial measures towards stress management in BPO industry. This helps yield maximum efficiency out of the work force.

The consequences to stress can be physically as well as mentally daunting. This also significantly reduces the chances of meeting the goal efficiently. Stress could be due to the pressure of meeting targets, monotony of the work, quantity/quality conflict etc.

Recognizing and becoming aware of the symptoms of stress is the first step towards dealing with stress and undergoing healing process. These symptoms might be physical signs or emotional signs.

Managing stress in call centers

Defusing the tensed atmosphere with occasional jokes and light-hearted humor can be good way to keep away a stressful environment. This trend could be implemented with the management’s support. There are several organizations which implement stress management programs as part of training.

There is a three-tiered approach to dealing with stress efficiently. These remedial measures include practical or behavioral techniques, relaxation techniques as well as thinking or cognitive techniques.

Behavioral or practical approaches

Behavioral or practical techniques are effective methods since the utilization of these methods is under the person’s control.

  • It includes exercise and eating healthy.
  • It involves abstaining from alcohol, sugar, caffeine etc. These agents cause fatigue and increased mood swings.
  • It also involves giving the body sufficient rest so that it can make itself immune against further stress.
  • One of the techniques is to schedule time for leisure. This helps a person lead a balanced life.
  • Other helpful strategies include preparing in advance for any recurrent stressors through efficient time management, delegating responsibility, not procrastinating, setting limits and priorities etc.

Relaxation approaches

Relaxation techniques include a lot of methods that are devised to rid the mind and body of tension. Some of the approaches are listed below.

  • Progressive muscle relaxation: This is a major relaxation technique which allows the person to relax each of the major muscle groups individually. This gets rid of muscle tension and relaxes the body.
  • Listening to music, using saunas, hot tubs etc., reading and so on.
  • Meditation focuses the mental energy onto more positive thoughts thus dispelling distracting and stressful thoughts from the mind.
  • Visual imagery helps the person visualize himself as dealing with a stressor that plagues him efficiently. This goes a long way in helping the person deal with that particular stressor.

Thinking or cognitive approach

The thinking or cognitive approach is now being widely implemented in stress management programs due to its effectiveness. This approach enables a person to view a threatening event appraisal as one that is a manageable challenge and thus controls stress effectively.

There are three steps in this approach.

  • The first step of this approach is to identify stress-producing thoughts.
  • The second step is to ponder the consequences of these stress-producing thoughts. The realization of these consequences will inculcate motivation to change these thoughts.
  • The third step of the approach involves challenging these thoughts and replacing them with more positive and productive thoughts. This helps the person become emotionally healthy and helps him behave in rational and productive manner.

These methods, if followed, can yield an effective process of stress management in BPO industry. It is recommended that HR professionals having knowledge in Human Psychology is hired in call centers.

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