Renewed prospects emerge from Africa BPO market 2012

Africa has been counted among the emerging outsourcing markets in the global scenario. It has been considered as an attractive BPO destination by major players in this field. The Africa BPO market 2012 had made its mark with success stories fuelling its growth in the BPM sector. For instance, in South Africa alone, major companies such as Amazon, Shell, Lufthansa, and ASDA have established captive centers. In addition, service providers such as WNS, Serco, and Capito have carried out major acquisitions or brokered deals for partnerships in this region.

The progress set in motion in the Africa BPO market 2012 is anticipated to continue in the following three years, thereby paving the way for new opportunities in the BPM sector. A good example is the outsourcing deal struck between iiNet-Merchants and Shop Direct-Serco-Teleperformance.
BPO in Africa. Image source

The African BPO industry is fast attaining maturity with its improved capacity in financial outsourcing services, knowledge process outsourcing, and legal process outsourcing. It has also achieved the capability to deliver complex tasks in call center services and back office business operations. In addition, South Africa, a major outsourcing hub, is already on its way to becoming a center offering shared service platform for business activities in this region.

Improved prospects from Africa BPO market 2012

The emergence of the Africa BPO market 2012 has generated plentiful opportunities for the BPM sector in succeeding years. It is expected to move forward at a considerable pace in the next three to five years. The geographic and cultural affinities that South Africa shares with the West have made it an efficient center of outsourcing activities in the region. The BPM sector stands to benefit greatly from its links to the United Kingdom and other English speaking populations. Moreover, it has been proved to be a cost competitive destination with a large resourceful workforce.

Increasing government support for outsourcing activities had imparted the Africa BPO market 2012 the thrust to explore new directions for success. This has been partly driven by the need to improve living standards and the presence of a large group of skilled professionals facing unemployment. It has been estimated that with the booming of the BPO industry, many such social problems can be resolved. Hence many new projects have been set in motion with the aim of boosting outsourcing projects in the region.

The BPO industry has played a significant role in transforming the lives and communities of the African people. The rapid strides taken in this industry is a testament of further progress in the years to come.

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