Rural BPO Rajasthan Sets the Stage for Exploitation of New Talent

Source for change, Rajasthan Rural BPO

Rural BPOs have emerged as an alternative solution for outsourcing services. These enterprises tend to increase employment opportunities among villagers. A sustained supply of workforce is a major advantage of rural BPO apart from low infrastructure cost. The irrelevance of cost arbitration factor has forced the outsourcing sectors to identify substitute sources for the retention of global businesses. Rural BPO Rajasthan has a predominant position in contributing to the Indian economy.

The significance of this location lies in talent rather than any educational qualification. A vigorous training program is conducted by company officials for tapping potential candidates from rural areas. The attitude of women has been seen to change with rural BPO Rajasthan.

Major studies suggest that the establishment of 500 rural BPOs can provide ten to twelve lakh direct job opportunities by the year 2020. The major benefits can be drawn from the retention of employees, as natives are probably unlikely to depart from their roots, even if the compensation is comparatively less.

The BPO, Source for Change was established in Rajasthan as a means for the development of the rural community along with empowering women. Now it holds a top position in the Indian outsourcing sector as ‘all women’ rural BPO Rajasthan. The rural BPO client lists include Airtel, WNS, HDFC Bank, American Express, Quattro and many other business giants. At the global level, other companies also deliver cost sensitive BPO services. Targeting the infrastructure cost alone cannot serve the purpose of rural outsourcing.

Emerging trends of rural BPO Rajasthan

Rural BPO Rajasthan has the potential to meet all productivity standards laid down by international companies. More than 50% women are gaining benefits from these outsourcing companies. According to Deepak Parekh, the chairman of HDFC, the inherent advantages of rural BPO are low employee cost and 30% to 40% (below) operating cost. The critical requirement in the future will be talent availability rather than infrastructure cost management.

The setting up of BPO operations in rural areas seems to be profitable as seen from increased success rates. The infrastructure cost may be low but the availability of facilities is poor. Low-end work related to data entry is the main focus of rural BPO.

In future, the rural BPO trend will be towards service offerings like telecom, medicine, financial product distribution and education. The research reports of Frost and Sullivan reveal that the domestic market of the Indian BPO industry will be witnessing an increase of $ 2.47 billion during the year 2014, out of which $5 to 7 million will be from rural BPO sectors.

Outsourcing operations in rural centers give impetus to the development of the rural economy in addition to improving the standards of living in those areas. As regards BPO companies, competitive pricing enables the improvement of business profits, thereby leading them to take up new ventures in this direction. 

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