67% of US tech firms rely on offshore resources: Annual SIM Survey 2011

October 7, 2011: As far as Information Technology Processes are concern, it is still the offshore on the top.

The survey conducted by Society of Information management could come up with key findings on IT budgets and technology trends in the global outsourcing business, which also reported on how most of the players are managing global economic down trends. Society of Information Management is always ahead with strategic and tactical directions for top executives and superior Information Technology professionals. Today the latest offering made by SIM for IT professionals through the study has immense to contribute of the top level employees.

The survey was conducted on the basis of the data collection and personal interview of CIOs and other senior IT personals of around 275 companies. According to the survey about 67% of the US companies exclusively depend on the offshore services to take care of their infrastructural as well as other IT functions. The study by SIM also extended to find out that global companies depending on offshore market are many. Out of the various offshore markets, India is one of the favorite destinations as 58% of the companies depend on Indian service vendors. 10 % depends on China and 7 % on Mexico. There are also countries such as Western Europe with 6% and Philippines with 4%.

SIM also studied how corporate are managing there workforce at this crucial stage where there is no idea, when there will be an economic up trend. It is said that companies are not focusing on cutting IT cost by taking steps which affect the employees in any scenes. Companies are planning on equivalent budgets which were last year and also planning on depending offshore for IT processes. Global players are planning on leveraging the IT business at a reduced cost, but cutting IT business is never an option for them the report added.  

According to the study report of SIM, companies believe that at such crucial stages what is required is to enhance IT priorities apart from taking some stringent steps. At present more preference are given to IT strategic planning and IT innovations. The report also suggests that more importance should be given on IT reliability and efficiency, so that companies can achieve there targets and strategic goals as well as minimize the cost. More emphasis should also be given to IT security and revenue generation.

US companies are more on practical and logical solutions rather than taking some steps and ending up in disaster. Cutting IT business to reduce cost will not work out at this point of time. As far as IT processes are concern, it has become an inevitable part for any business and for the best IT results, offshore resource is the perfect choice.     

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