Social BPM accelerates claim processing for Crawford & Company

Natural catastrophes like earthquakes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and hurricanes often cause widespread destruction, lots of damages or loss of life in a dramatic fashion. In such situations it is the duty of insurance claims management firms to come up with claims adjusting services. Claims management firms often face a lot of challenges to tackle the situation. Unavailability of insurance adjusters and lack of updated information are some of their issues. It has been found business process management and social media can rescue the situation by managing claims in the most effective way.

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Appian is one such Business Process Management firms offering software services for catastrophe-related disaster management.  The company incorporated in 1999 is head quartered at Virginia, USA. They employ advanced technology and continuous innovations in areas of cloud computing, Social BPM services, Native Mobile, etc. Through innovative and outstanding services the firm had enabled more than 3.5 million clients around the globe.

Below given is a case study that discusses how catastrophe resource management services of Appian helped a leading insurance claims management firm to move beyond whiteboards and sticky notes.

Case Study


The client who approached Appian was Crawford & Company, the world’s largest insurance claims management company. The company based in Atlanta, Georgia offers a variety of services like healthcare management services, claims management services, risk management services, and legal services. They have 10,000 employees worldwide scattered across 700 offices in 65 countries.

Business Challenge

Timely and faster update of processes and claims is very much important for an insurance claims management firm especially when a disaster happens. The insurance claims firm often requires additional resources to help process claims. In such cases the team used to employ whiteboards to organize names and sticky notes to find who would go where to handle the claims. This is a chaotic situation, which won’t work efficiently as proven in many cases.  So the company had a great difficulty in finding and managing larger and dispersed workforce, who can manage catastrophic situations in a reliable fashion.

Social Business Process Management Solution

Appian’s ‘BPM + Social’ application was deployed as a solution to this chaotic situation by offering entire catastrophe resource management services. This is done right from the assignment of insurance adjusters for claim management to final claim resolution. Catastrophe Unit Personnel Tracker (CAT PT) is a mobile application included under Crawford Community. This application uses the proprietary software from Appian and the GPS capabilities of insurance adjuster’s mobile devices to find out the right claim reviewer. Right adjuster is tracked on the basis of location, capacity and a past performance scorecard. Another advantage of CAT PT is that adjusters can also use the same mobile app to upload photos of the claim site directly from an Android phone, Blackberry, iPhone or iPad.


  • Streamlined processes
  • More efficient workflow
  • Greater speed for claim processing
  • Participation and accuracy

The above case study can be cited as an example as to how BPM and Social application services can help companies to manage claim processing more efficiency in disaster management.

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