Talent Acquisition in 21st century – A Big Challenge

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The recent trend shows that there is an increasing demand for talented people and that talent acquisition has become a huge problem. In the next few years, there is going to be a severe shortage of talented professionals compared to skilled workers. Hiring the best talent is going to be a tough job for the recruiters.

Importance of acquiring the best talents

It is important for an organization to have the best talent acquisition, retention and development strategies. Most of the organizations fail because of hiring people who fail to meet the standards of the organization. The situation is going to be worse in the case of companies which are not well established. Talent acquisition is the process of finding and involving the best-talents in an organization.

An organization can perform better in the industry only if it has a talented and skillful work-force. It is about putting in the right people, in the right place. Recruitment and talent acquisition are different.

Designing and Implementation of Talent Acquisition Strategy

It is important to understand the employer’s choice before implementing a strategy.  It also includes reviewing and utilizing talent acquisition tools and learning from best practices. Analyzing the performances like business impacts, financial strategies etc. It is also important to have a good knowledge about the recent trends and practices to acquire the best talent.

Talent Acquisition Strategies for the 21st century

It is important to become a good talent manager to pool in the best talents in an organization. It is also important to set high standards in a team and take necessary steps to strengthen the talent of a group. The manager is responsible for appraising his employees about their strengths, weakness and their performance levels. Strong performances must be posed with new challenges. The managers can also define sharp talent and performance differences among the employees.

An organization must place its emphasis on the development of people. Every employee can push the limits to certain level even if everyone cannot be a superstar. Leaders who can assess the talent factor get involved in hiring and making decisions.

People at that level may let their sub-ordinates know that they are capable of voicing their views and watching the performance and potential of his/her employees. Above all this, an effective talent review process is important to reap benefits.

A talent review process is to be carried out in a disciplined manner. Good companies have a stringent talent review programs and this helps them to grow faster. It is also a direct way to build the talent pool. Managers in the organization must be held responsible for accumulating and strengthening the talent factor in their respective divisions.

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