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The BPO insurance market has achieved tremendous success in the last two years. Service providers are concentrating on market success by advancing capabilities and trends. Services provided to the insurers should be efficient, centralized and standardized. Otherwise high risk and cost will be the result. More complex processes are included in the contracts. The focus by outsourcing companies is on tapping US opportunities related to closed book insurances. Identifying the emerging players, leaders, and contenders in the insurance BPO market is a major challenge for insurers. Accessing the best class processes is possible through leaders like TCS insurance BPO service providers.

The PEAK report of Everest Group has identified TCS insurance BPO services as an experienced and capable insurance service provider. TCS insurance BPO services ensure numerous delivery locations, clear cut operational strategies, global delivery presence and higher degree on shoring. Several years’ expertise and knowledge are necessary to guarantee true transformation. TCS insurance BPO services have an analytics and insights service which enable fraud management, risk analysing and gaining an insight of consumer needs. A model called Global Network Delivery is considered to be a trademark of this outsourcing service provider, which helps the clients to enjoy unique service experience globally.

Credibility of TCS insurance BPO services

The Everest Group’s Performance, Experience, Ability and Knowledge Matrix report (PEAK) is on BPOs providing insurance services under 3 categories: Leaders, Major Contenders and Emerging Players. The report gives a comparative assessment of all BPO insurance service providers based on their delivery capability and success in the market.

The TCS insurance BPO services had been designated as a leader in that report. The report pointed out certain key features of TCS insurance BPO services such as capability, experience, and having a profile with detailed insurance BPO. The company provides services like reinsurance, analytics & insights, customer interaction management, claims transformation, policy servicing, new business, underwriting support and actuarial services.

TCS insurance BPO services has a strong technological capability in L & P with platform solutions. In addition, strong market traction and focus in Europe and the United States are the strengths of this outsourcing leader. TCS insurance BPO services have offerings that are easy to apply, efficient and at the same time capable of sophisticated functions.

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