Technology KPOs in India Shape New Frontiers

India has been a front runner in the field of knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) together with other countries such as China and Philippines. However, a large talent pool of experts and competitive prices together with high quality of services make India the preferred destination. With its solid record of success in BPO, technology KPOs in India are set to impart a new dimension in outsourcing operations.

Due to the many benefits offered by KPO operations, with regard to various aspects, India is a logical choice when it comes to this field.

Technology KPOs in India have scored success with labor pool and costs in their favor. India has a network of prestigious universities that turn out a large group of talented graduates every year. The English skills of these talents are an added advantage. In fact, in India, about 20 lakh students graduate annually who have good English-speaking skills. Many of these freshers possess technical skills.

For instance, 75,000 IT experts are produced by Indian universities every year. This has enabled technology KPOs in India to set up a strong base of knowledgeable workers.

In addition, the policies pursued by the Indian government favor outsourcing operations in the country. India has a separate IT department and a minister at the national level specifically for this sector. Moreover, no export taxes are imposed on this sector and the government supports foreign ownership of IT companies.

Technology KPOs in India touch new heights

Technology KPOs in India have made successful entries into various domains, thereby drawing new customers towards their base. For instance, India Citigroup, the successful financial service provider, has benefitted with its outsourcing operations for American Express and GE Capital. Both these companies have expanded their base of operations in India.

The country has gained maturity in terms of the various KPO services it is now capable of handling. Hence this has given a boost to the whole range of outsourcing operations carried out in the country.

There have been numerous success stories emerging from this industry, which is developing at a rapid rate in India. One of the technology KPOs in India that has made rapid strides in this direction is KNOURA. This company carries out outsourcing operations in various domains of knowledge such as biotechnology, legal processes, patenting, information technology, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Yet another leader in this field is Arber Technologies, which is a prominent company with activities revolving around software development. This enterprise specializes in IT enabled services (ITES) such as multimedia services, domain name registration, design and development of websites, BPO, Search Engine optimization, and similar operations.

India is expected to be the prime provider of KPO services in the foreseeable future. Technology KPOs in India have renovated their strategies and moved in new directions, pushing back the frontiers in this field.

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