Time Management for BPO professionals

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“I am busy” is a common phrase we get to hear today right from the Prime Minister to school going kids and in particular from working professionals. But a lot of it stems from ineffective time-management.

Managing one’s time is something personal and more of applying common-sense strategies. Time management comes only with strict discipline and a lack of it is what brings about the perpetual ‘busy-ness’.  It is about prioritizing what’s important and proper planning.

Why should one follow time management?

Time is money. It is therefore important to find proper ways of using it.  Time Management helps to avoid last minute rushes to meet deadlines. Poor time management will leave you in a pool of issues. It is a sign of over-confidence. Techniques used with smaller projects and work load cannot be applied to large ones.

The way to effective time management is to know and analyze the scope of the project at hand and manage the actions of oneself and all those involved. Effective time management is about getting more organized.

How can working professionals manage their time?

Time management processes should be regularly monitored to avoid various kinds of waste. Working professionals lose their time by doing the work of others, having unwanted appointments and obligations, not scheduling the projects properly etc.

One can manage time by having a small diary in which the appointments are noted and planned properly. It is important to avoid wastage of time like long lunches, interviews etc which can be cut short.

Time management is important and a must to be followed since personal time management will also affect others.  This is true, particularly in the case of supervisors as their poor management is going to have a bad impact on the sub-ordinates.

There are a number of objectives a manager should achieve with regard to support, development and motivation of his/her sub-ordinates.  Long-term projects which do not have deadlines can be easily ignored to attend on the immediate and urgent projects.  A right balance is definitely necessary.

Make the best out of the time at hand

There are ways one can make 48 hours out of a day of 24 hours just by implementing simple strategies of time management.

  1. The first thing is to keep a check on what one does out of a day of 24 hours and avoid frenzy activities.
  2. Analyze and study the wastage of time in a day and also about the time-stealers.
  3. Create a management plan to meet goals, at least once a week.
  4. Implement and work the plans created
  5. Prioritize the work
  6. Set time limits for tasks
  7. Make sure the systems are well-organized
  8. Don’t waste time waiting

Following and implementing these simple strategies can help one manage time in a better way. Time management is not a tool to solve any problems, but it just reveals the problems and the need to monitor it.

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