Top Brazil Outsourcing Companies to Grab International Business

The regulatory conditions and advanced infrastructure facilities of Brazil favor foreign investments led by top Brazil outsourcing companies. The Information Technology based outsourcing sector in Brazil has been rejuvenated by the increased interest shown by multi-national companies. A study conducted by Brasscom, a government agency, confirms that the country is best positioned at this period to target large level global investments. The BPM strategies ensure the growth of emerging trends.

A new strategy ‘Plano Brasil Maior’ for reducing the tax burden of IT companies has been implemented by the government, which supports the growth of top Brazil outsourcing companies like Sonda IT and Capgemini. The outsourcing labor resources from Argentina & Mexico, and Colombia & Costa Rica along with Chile will benefit from this act. Sonda IT operating in Brazil expects to grow at a rate of 12% in 2013 with the emergence of new BPM strategies. This clearly shows the moderate rise of economy in Brazil.

Brazil Outsourcing

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Capgemini is one of the foremost service providers for outsourcing and consulting. The new strategies will leverage the operational tactics of Capgemini as well. The high production cost cannot prevent top Brazil outsourcing companies and foreign investors from expanding their operations in the country.  The current economic environment will fasten the pace of growth of all outsourcing companies.

Recent trends in top Brazil outsourcing companies

The geographical advantages facilitate joint BPM strategies with US companies. The advantages and disadvantages can be channelized properly towards economic gains. With similar strategies, these enterprises are zooming into the Brazilian BPO industry, which is now in its boom phase. The investors mainly target top Brazil outsourcing companies. The sustained growth in the sector is expected to increase by 2014.

The liberated policies and BPM strategies set up by Brazil aim at increasing the number of international agreements. Programs are being conducted for training unskilled professionals. The top Brazil outsourcing companies conduct these training and development programs internally. Some studies show that the Brazilian outsourcing service market will be able to experience 10.1% growth rate between 2011 and 2017. The 2014 World Cup is estimated to generate investment that is worth more than 10 billion US dollars, in Brazil. The investment rate is expected to increase with the big event.

The outsourcing market in Brazil can be expanded with certain changes in the environment, which include transparency in governmental policies, advanced technological support, and increasing the quality of infrastructure and other facilities. The IT infrastructure outsourcing providers have more opportunities available, which can be utilized by top Brazil outsourcing companies. The country’s stable economic scenario contributes to the stimulation of direct foreign investments in the outsourcing sector.

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