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The top eight rankings on the Tholons list of outsourcing destinations have been grabbed by South Asian countries. Tholons, a leading player in predicting the global outsourcing scenario, has been on the forefront of management and advisory services with regard to outsourcing, for about a decade now. It is a strategic advisory firm that offers full service for the wide spectrum of outsourcing activities.

Tholons continues to lead the way in advisory services offering strategic and innovative solutions to improve and revive outsourcing operations for a variety of sectors. The firm aids outsourcing companies in the analysis and development of globalization strategies. It then walks the extra mile of putting those strategies into motion in an effective manner. In addition, outsourcing yields are constantly tracked and monitored under their domain of operations. This enables clients to meet their business objectives.

As part of their role as a pioneer in the field of strategic growth and development, and location analysis, Tholons continues to map the progress of outsourcing locations by releasing a ranked list of outsourcing destinations. For the year 2013, they have released a report that ranks the top 100 outsourcing destinations in terms of region, country and city. Furthermore, the shifting rate of growth for these regions is also tracked in this report. Quantitative as well as qualitative aspects have been taken into consideration while carrying out this assessment.

South Asian regions emerge as top outsourcing destinations

South Asian countries appear to have consolidated their positions in the top eight. While the top two positions have been acquired by Bangalore and Mumbai in India, the third and fourth spots have been claimed by Manila, Philippines and Delhi, India, respectively. It is quite interesting to note that while Bangalore and Mumbai held on to their pervious ranks, Manila and Delhi have inched ahead by one point each.

Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune in India are next on the Tholons rankings. These regions have apparently held onto their positions from last year. The eight region that has climbed higher up by one point is Cebu City in Philippines. Incidentally, the ninth and tenth ranks have been taken by European regions, namely, Dublin, Ireland and Krakow, Poland respectively. This shows that outsourcing operations are going on in full swing in certain pockets of Europe. Otherwise, South Asia is the primary global player in the overall activities of business outsourcing, according to this survey from Tholons.

The ranking list compiled by Tholons is indicative of the shifting patterns in the global outsourcing scenario. Business outsourcing activities are certainly on the rise, even though the geographic locations may vary with the changing demands emerging from this sector.

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