UK Call centers are mostly in-house: Research and Markets Report

October 31, 2011: A report published by research and markets says that majority of the call centers in UK are a part of internal business operation. The report examines the positioning of companies in the market, positioning in the whole of Europe, the size of the market, segmentation of the market, trends in the market and issues related to employment. The report also describes about the industry structure in the UK.

The report consists of data such as historical data for five years, present day market conditions and influences. In addition to this the report also contains data on five year sector forecast developed by MBD analysts.  Companies mentioned in the report includes Broadsystem, Club 24, Inkfish call centre, Kingston Communication Contact centre, MM group, The Merchants Group and SITEL Europe.

As per the report, the call centre market in the United Kingdom lacks clarity in terms of definition which makes it difficult to analyses. In the industry there are broadly two types of call centers which are either a part of the clients business or subcontracted to a third party service providers. The decision to perform the function in house or subcontract is taken based on the function of the call centre and partly based on the policy of the company in making use of third party service providers and whether the function to be carried out is considered as a core function of the client’s business. The report contains data related to both the type of companies.

The call centers can be used for performing variety of functions ranging from tale sales to customer service. The call centers can be distinct in terms of the nature of the call, whether inbound calls (for customer service) or outbound calls (for tale sales). In addition to handling calls, call centers also perform other functions such as handling emails, faxes and other written communications. Call centers that handle telephone calls as well as other written communications such as faxes and emails are referred to as contact centers. The report includes contact centers as a part of the call centre market. 

Since most of the call centers are a part of internal business operation, the report does not contain information on the value of the market as providing an approximate value will be speculative. The report has quantified the call centre market in terms of the number of call centers and the number of agents or work stations. The number of work stations will not be equal to the number of agents as they operate on a shift basis. Please grab the report to know more about the UK call center market.

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