Understanding HR competencies in BPO industry

Competencies are crucial for the holistic development of human resource management in BPO industry. In the past twenty five years, the competency approach to HR development has transformed from a narrow field to a leading approach used to diagnose, frame and improve various aspects of HR management. HR competencies have undergone massive changes with the change in business practices and demands.

Competencies are basically those behaviors which determine high performance in an industry. Professionals attain competencies through experience, professional development and maturity through the years by broadening professional perspective and understanding of HR jobs.  It has been observed that

  • HR professionals belonging to companies delivering high performance in BPO industry have shifted focus from internal customers to external ones.
  • They play prominent roles in disseminating cultural underpinning in their organization.
  • They act as strategic partners helping to identify problems, providing alternate insights and also raising standards for the decision-making process.

Competencies of HR professionals

The BPO industry requires the HR professionals to have certain competencies or expects them to develop them in the course of time in order to contribute to the growth of the company. The competencies required by a HR professional in BPO industry are given below.

  • Having clear notion of business of company
  • Personal credibility
  • Skills in best practices
  • Skills in change management
  • Capability to manage different cultures
  • Knowledge and implementation of latest technology
  • Knowledge of HR and delivery practices

Performance of HR professionals in the current BPO industry

The attrition rate in many companies in the BPO industry is very high. The HR department primarily focuses on recruitment and database management to some extent. They fail to meet the expectations to raise the standards of other operations.

A full-fledged functioning HR department focusing all aspects of the working of a call center can help develop a healthy work environment where employees feel the need to stick with their jobs.

As per a survey conducted by Virgin Management Consultants, around 80% of HR professionals do not have a clear idea about the business aspect of their companies. Around 90% of them are new to the concept of economic growth. More than 70% professionals are unaware of their roles and expectations. The statistics are alarming which calls for a revision of the competencies of the HR professionals in the BPO industry of India. Improving competencies to achieve the following ends can give a drastic boost to performance.

  • HR professionals can help with salary restructuring as well as benefits and compensation analysis.
  • HR professionals can take up roles as policy makers and strategists.
  • HR professionals can act as coach, guide and mentor to employees with sufficient knowledge in human psychology and behavior.
  • HR professionals should transform themselves into industry and business experts by attaining good knowledge about the industry and the business.

Human Resources Management and HR professionals in BPO industry have a long way to go. A renewed and revised focus on the HR competencies forms an integral part of the holistic performance improvement of HR professionals in the BPO industry.

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