Understanding HR Issues in call center industry

Call centers is a comparatively new development made possible due to the dissemination of information technology and telecommunications. Call centers help firms to cut down costs on local service outlets by catering to customers from even far-off locations. BPO industry in India is booming with the promise of more new jobs for the Indian market. HR issues are at the top of the mind of the management in a call center.

However, there are many who have doubts lingering in their minds about the various facets of the call center industry and other HR issues.

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Offshore sourcing strategy to choose offshore vendors

Companies which intend to outsource their businesses offshore choose the operational model most suitable for them before zeroing in on a suitable offshore vendor. The companies usually choose vendors who are specialized in the process that it intends to outsource.

There are exceptions too when the companies choose the country first and then the best vendor in that region. Whatever be the method followed, careful planning is needed in order to decide on the right vendor to make offshoring a success.

There are mainly three types of operational models which are followed by the outsourcing companies:

  • Captive processing centers: Such companies carry out business processing only for the company‚Äôs own multinational businesses.
  • Third-party providers: These providers outsource services to other firms or companies.
  • Joint ventures: Joint ventures follow a build, operate, transfer model in which two entities are involved and outsourcing is done by one to the other.

When choosing a location for carrying out offshore process, there are several risks that companies might face. There may be infrastructure instability, problems with confidentiality of information, managing offshore resources, time zone differences, language barriers and cultural differences, uncertain legal rights, unknown suppliers, geopolitical instability etc.

HR Issues in Call Center Industry

HR professionals in the call center industry face a host of problems regarding employees, customers and the work environment. The biggest hurdle faced by HR professionals is the high rate of staff turnover.

The turnover is caused mainly due to a number of problems that employees face in the BPO work environment. They may get utterly bored with the repetition of work. There are huge chances of frustration at not being able to achieve any significant career growth too.

To top it all, hearing complaints and grievances all day might not appeal to many, especially after investing so much time on the issues. Majority of such issues can be resolved and staff can be retained by taking care of a few aspects.

  • Creating career paths is one such measure that will help impart a sense of achievement and satisfaction to the employees. Job diversity will pull them out from monotony.
  • HR professionals when hiring employees should keep an eye out for personality traits that are needed for a good call center representative,
  • The workforce forecast is an important activity that will help predict the resources needed by a call center. Accuracy in this forecast can spell success to a call center.
  • Constantly measuring the performance of individuals is yet another aspect that HR professionals have to undertake, in terms of calls per hour, adherence measurements, quality measurements and factors affecting caller tolerance.

HR professionals might also have to deal with the stress management of the employees. Call center representatives are also susceptible to several other health problems such as sleeping disorders, digestion problems and eye and ear problems.

Certain other issues relating to personal habit of employees, discipline problems, absenteeism and other behavioral issues also pose challenges to the work environment.

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