Upgraded Oracle BPM Suite: Reins of the business process in the hands of the user

oracle bpm

Business management is the mainstay that ensures the survival of organizations, companies, or enterprises. The business process management (BPM) suite from Oracle has been successful in helping businesses expand and evolve into different streams. The Oracle BPM suite has been instrumental in writing many success stories from the BPM industry.

BPOs have an additional reason to cheer about, following the enhancements to the suite announced by Oracle. These will provide users with first-hand knowledge of the whole business process in advance.

The enhancements have been added to help companies improve overall efficiency and simplify the whole gamut of business operations. This will provide a unified and effective solution to the needs of the industry.

The enhancement includes upgrades for the Business Process Composer as well as additions to the list of Oracle Process Accelerators. Support has also been developed for Adaptive Case Management in the new setting.

Constructive insight into the total business cycle

This new version of Oracle BPM permits advanced designing of web forms and yields productive simulation. Modeling capabilities have been highly improved and a new process player has been introduced. This process player will prove to be a valuable asset to the business process. It facilitates the modeling and execution of the complete process using the Business Process Composer.

The complete stages of the process can be tested and validated by means of this version of Oracle BPM. This end-to-end simulation allows the business analyst to confirm whether the model fulfills the requirements of the client.

Additional support provided to Adaptive Case Management aids in restructuring models and helps the user and knowledge workers assimilate valuable information. To this end, Adaptive Case Management has been incorporated into Oracle Real-Time Decisions.

The inventory of Oracle Process Accelerators has been expanded to accommodate other operations such as opening of business accounts, origination of loan from financial services, and report of activities in the public sector.

All these additions assist in simplifying the processes involved and speed up the delivery of products and services. These accelerators can be reprocessed and configured with ease.

These new enhancements to the Oracle BPM suite transfer the control of the full range of operations to the business user. By vesting the authority of the business process with the end user, the new version aims to restructure and improve the efficiency of operations, so that businesses will break new grounds and soar to greater heights.

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