Vietnam BPO Location Study: Potentials for Growth

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Vietnam has established its presence in the outsourcing sector with solid growth in the call center industry. The country has made its presence felt in the industry as an alternative destination for low-cost offshoring services. The economic growth rate of Vietnam can be counted as one of the highest among the Asian Pacific countries. The annual GDP rate for Vietnam has been estimated to be between 7% and 8.5%. A Vietnam BPO location study would put the country in a favorable light in terms of the strides it has taken in this field.

Research firms such as Frost & Sullivan have noted that the cost of hiring IT experts in Vietnam is 30% to 50% inexpensive when compared to other global leaders in the outsourcing industry. The conglomerate of information technology professionals, ICT Practice has observed that a Vietnam BPO location study shows the potentials that the country has to offer in this regard.

Vietnam is home to a strong workforce comprising IT engineers who come to more than 15,000 in number. These professionals are based in the software outsourcing sector. In addition, the low cost of labor, cheaper than Philippines and India, is another significant factor that has drawn many countries to this region.

Vietnam BPO location study: A perspective

In the meantime, Vietnam has also been working silently to improve its prospects in the outsourcing sector. A Vietnam BPO location study reveals the industry taking steps to improve customer relationships with an aim to increase profitability, brand recall and loyalty. This was made possible by making use of basic applications such as Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Call Monitoring (CM), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Automatic Call Distributor (ACD). These tools have enabled Vietnam contact centers to play an active role globally.

The ACD has been estimated to account for about 40% of the applications used in the Vietnam outsourcing sector. A Vietnam BPO location study shows this application as the biggest contributor, which is growing at a rapid rate with the increase in call centers. It has been forecast that ACD will attain saturation in 2018 with 31.7% from the value 37.3% for 2011.

At the same time, recognition for the BPO industry in Vietnam has come in the form of the award given to SPi Global for their work in the country’s outsourcing sector. This company, which is a leading global player in the BPO industry, has received the distinction of providing the best outsourcing service in Vietnam for the third year in a row. The award has been conferred by the Vietnam Software Association (Vinasa). This has proved to be a motivating factor for the Vietnam BPO industry.

Vietnam is expected to continue its progress in the outsourcing sector in the following years. By tapping all the potentials that lie hidden, it can surpass other leading global players in the BPO industry.

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