What Is A Web Enabled Call Center?

The market for Web enabled call centers is burgeoning. For the past decade, computer-telephony integration (CTI) has been one of the hottest topics to hit the call center, promising reduced call volumes and handle times, as well as a higher level of customized service.

The global emphasis on electronic commerce and the use of the Internet as a delivery channel has sparked the development of new CTI applications that offer tremendous opportunities to call centers.

The Internet provides for a more complete alternative by supporting a full range of transactions, almost regardless of their complexity. As its popularity continues to increase, its impact as a delivery channel will improve dramatically and may finally begin to stem the tide of demand for live agents.

To ensure that the needs of all users are met, websites must be integrated with the call center, giving customers a full range of options without completely eliminating the valuable personal touch.

Features Of Web Enabled Call Center

A web enabled call center improves the e-commerce initiatives by offering high quality customer service. Various features offered by Web enabled call center are:

  • Web Pop that automatically provides customer service representative (CSRs) with a pop-up screen of client’s website, intranet or web script.
  • Web Callback that helps the visitors of the client’s website request a callback from the CSRs by simply clicking and entering their name, telephone information and time for call.
  • Web Chat that assists visitors engaged in a live, two-way text chat directly from client’s site to a trained agent. They can obtain answers to questions or resolve customer service issues without having to disconnect from the Internet or use a phone.
  • Web Push allows CSRs to assist client’s website visitor to find out information through guided “browsing.”
  • Email Management – This manages high-volume email inquiries directed to client’s mailbox or produced via a Website. The incoming messages are tracked and provided an appropriate auto reply message to the customers letting them know that their email has been received.

Types of Call Centers

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