What Is An Outbound Call Center?

An outbound call center is essentially one in which outbound calls are made from the center to customers on behalf of their clients or companies.  The nature of calls this call center type involves are telemarketing and sales, calls to raise funds or updating contact lists and verification services.

An outbound call center’s success is measured by the experience and commitment to customer service on the part of telemarketers or telephone agents making the outgoing phone calls.

Outbound call center. Image source http://thetelemanagementgroup.com

Metrics of a successful outbound call center

There are distinct metrics that are used to measure how successful the call center agent is. These are:

  • Revenue earned
  • Cost per call
  • Tasks completed
  • Total calls made

How does an Outbound Call Center work?

The call center agents in an outbound call center are usually organized in a multi-tier support system to handle call in the most efficient manner. There is an integrated call management syste

There is an integrated call management systems adopted in this call center type.  Here systematic calls with the purpose of selling products, making appointments or updating lists are made to a database of customers.

The leads generated or potentially successful connections are transferred to a marketing representative who is designated to handle the particular client applications.

The moment the marketing representative (MR) is presented with a call, all relevant details of the consumer appear on the MR’s workstation.  This includes, name address, customized preferences and any other information.  This call center type is highly cost-effective and result-oriented which helps to advance a business to a large extent.

The unique requirements of customers are focused upon.  Attention is also given to the market sector targeted when recruiting new agents, during their training period and production activities.

What are the services offered by outbound call centers?

Market Intelligence

Many outbound call centers offer market intelligence services wherein the market trends are studied.  An extensive analysis on what will work optimally in the market is carried out and how best the services and products offered by the company will cater to that.  Helpful suggestions made enhance position of the company’s brand.

Lead Generation

This service primarily involves the identification of prospective clients or customers for a particular product or line of service. The leads are used for earning the trust and winning customer’s confidence for selling purposes or for building up lists for newsletters and the like.

Product Promotion

One of the most crucial roles of an outbound call center is promotion of a product of service.  This key feature aims to create a solid base for a recently introduced product of the client company.  This involves a lot of persuasion, informing, reminding to be carried out by the call center agents to see that the launch gets its due attention.  By advertising, direct and personally selling, promotion of sales etc customer sales can be increased.

Some other important services offered by an outbound call center are:

  • Database selling and Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction and Direct Mail Follow-up
  • Debt Collection
  • Information and Literature Fulfillment and Seminar Population
  • Appointment Scheduling

Outbound call centers have a significant role in up-scaling business growth by collecting information on the dynamic market trends, tracing customer behavior and suggesting ways to capitalize on them. They help businesses in making the right choices for their customers and bring in quality service in all respects.

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