6 Reasons why people quit BPO jobs

Having a BPO job is even viewed as a curse by some people.  This is mainly because of the lifestyle portrayed by employees in this industry to accommodate their busy working shifts.
Why people quit BPO jobs?

Many a time the stress level is overwhelming causing employees to call it quits and look for greener pastures.  This invariably leads to an increase in attrition.  There are various reasons behind this.

1. Pursuing higher studies

Employees in BPO jobs work hectic schedules and some handle challenging portfolios.  Most of them would have entered the sector with a basic qualification as a stop-gap arrangement while they decide on what they want to make out of their future.Hence after clocking in a few years, certain employees throw in the towel to pursue higher education and hopefully land a more rewarding job.

2. Low career prospects

The BPO industry usually adopts a flat structure with little avenue for specialization.  Only the most ambitious of the lot manage to climb up the corporate ladder.The rest have to make do with striving for higher incentives and settling for their own profiles for a longer period as compared to their counterparts in other industries.

3. For better remuneration

Employees in the BPO sector are usually thrilled during the few months of receiving their paycheck.  But sooner or later they begin to feel either exploited or underutilized and seek jobs offering higher pay scales.  These are usually jobs in other BPO companies poaching on experienced people by offering better salaries.With remuneration the prime factor behind any job, employees seldom think twice about leaving their BPO jobs for a better paying one.

4. Lack of work-life balance

The unconventional work timings that most of the BPO companies follow are reason enough to send the average worker into a tizzy after a while.  The employees find themselves pressured by their families who complain about their crazy hours as well as by their Team leaders and supervisors whom they need to satisfy.With most of the BPOs supporting overseas operations, night shifts are a necessity and not something that can be done away with easily.

5. Stressful lifestyle

Most youngsters take up BPO jobs assuming they would have the ideal job to cater to their requirements.  The sedentary lifestyle, sleep disruptions, and unbelievable targets laid greatly increases the stress levels of these employees.Hence they take up unnecessary vices such as smoking and drinking to ease their tensions which in the long run take a toll on their health. Unmanageable stress is a major reason many opt out of the BPO industry.

6. Unsatisfying interpersonal relationships

Non-cordial relationships with your peers and superiors makes it strenuous in a BPO job.  This is because of the peculiar nature of the job requiring you to be amongst the same set of people for a larger part of the day.Hence a sour experience could lead the influential minds of young employees to think of other alternatives in their career.

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