Bioinformatics market in India follows a new trail of development

The bioinformatics market in India has faced many challenges over the years. However, this BPO industry has managed to sustain itself and has recorded a steady growth in the past couple of years. The bioinformatics outsourcing industry has proved to be a profitable business in many parts of the world. The advances in the field […]

Latent potential of the Bioinformatics outsourcing industry

Never before has Research and Development (R&D) been witness to such turbulence hitting its ranks. Rising costs of research and tight budgets have led laboratories to look for new nesting grounds. Lack of skilled personnel and new government legislations have led to rising concerns about the future of Bioinformatics. As the industry is looking at […]

Bioinformatics Outsourcing for Life Sciences

– A report by ValueNotes in collaboration with KnowGenix (published Dec. 2007) Bioinformatics can be defined as the application of information sciences to biology. The need for bioinformatics arises in every stage of the pharmaceutical drug discovery and development process. Increasing cost and timelines for developing a new drug and lower R&D productivity have compelled […]