BPO Industry in India – A Report

India is one of the most favored destinations for BPO services because of the quality rendered among other factors. The BPO industry is the fastest growing segment of the ITES sector in the country. There are a few factors like economic advantage, economy of scale, superior competency which makes the BPO industry more viable when […]

Does outsourcing really help a company?

A Bloomberg report noted how Atlanta-based Delta Airlines created 1,000 call-center jobs in India in 2003. The Indian operations saved Delta $25m in 2003, enabling the U.S. air carrier to add 1,200 positions for reservations and sales agents at home. But no Delta employees lost their job as a result of¬†outsourcing. In August 2003, McKinsey […]

Pros & cons of outsourcing

What are the pros & cons of outsourcing? Third Party Service Providers (TPSPs) Usually TPSP already has expertise and experience with other clients in similar business lines. Very competitive pricing / flexibility to assess various TPSPs No infrastructural / capital investment. Payback period very less (usually between 6 months to a year). Flexibility to source […]

What is Outsourcing?

Nov 28, 2011: Outsourcing is the process of contracting out of certain non core or non essential business function of a business to a third party, who has expertise in the field of the outsourced function. Outsourcing is very much similar to offshoring, even though both differ on some grounds. In offshoring the business function […]

BPO Basics

Basic Key Services, Verticals and Horizontals in the Indian BPO Who would think that the simple task of telephone operator would expand into $5 billion plus industry, two decades ago. The answer in reality is BPO. Today, in India alone a million BPO personnel do much more than answer telephone calls from US customers on […]