IT Industry to Witness Faster Growth in 2014: NASSCOM

The multi-billion dollar IT industry of India is staring at a growth of 13-15% in the next fiscal year. This prediction was made by R. Chandrashekhar, the president of the software industry body Nasscom. He based this forecast on the future software exports that are slated to bring in the revenue for the country. Growth […]

Combined Effects of IT and BPO Sectors Strongly Felt: Amit Goel

IT-BPO sectors serve as the catalysts for the growth of Indian Economy says Amit Goel, CEO, KnowledgeFaber. Apart from fuelling the economy, the sectors have a far-reaching impact on the lives of people. It has a direct and indirect hand in the socio-economic conditions of people in India. IT-BPO sectors were the ones who played […]

Philippines BPO industry’s GDP contribution to double in 12 years

Philippines apart from India is a country which has been dominating the world BPO industry since last decade. The BPO industry in Philippines has done phenomenally well in the recent years and the number of employment opportunities being generating in this sector is a testimony to this growth. The BPO industry in Philippines has also […]

Global BPO Market to grow 5.1% by 2015: TechNavio Report

According to new report by TechNavio, global BPO market is estimated to grow at Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.1% for the year 2011-2015. TechNavio, a leading research and analyst firm offers strategic research services to leading companies. As per the report- ‘The Global Market BPO 2011-2015’, the outsourcing industry remains immune from challenges […]

Do you have the HR BPO projections for 2004?

Do you have the HR BPO projections for 2004? HR BPO Projection 2004 HR outsourcing forecasts by process in Asia Pacific (In $ million) Payroll services 761.20 Benefits administration 535.65 Education and training 555.99 Recruiting and staffing 347.98 Personnel administration 167.16 Other HR functions 191.97 Total 2,560.00 Source: Gartner

List of all the fancy numbers, including projections!

List of all the fancy numbers, including projections! McKinsey & Co. predicts global market for IT-enabled services to be over $140 billion by 2008. These $142 Billion can be broken up and shown as below: Customer Interaction Services 33.0 Finance & Accounting Services 15.0 Translation, Transcription & Localization 2.0 Engineering & Design 1.2 HR Services […]

Indian IT industry to hit $100 billion revenue by March 2012

February 21, 2012: The Indian Information Technology (IT) industry is estimated to grow at 11 to 14 per cent in terms of export revenue in the FY 2012-2013. The total revenue of the industry is expected to reach USD 100 billion towards the end of March 2012. These projections were made by NASSCOM regarding the […]