The Benefits Of Soft Skills Certification For Call Center Professionals

For years, the widespread belief has been that technical knowledge and technical certification contributes most to career development success for support professionals. According to recent surveys however, soft skills are far more important than technical skills to reach the top of the support career ladder. In fact, IT Training magazine reports that 96% of survey […]

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Have The Call Center Industry Certification

A call center manager or senior executive with an industry-recognized professional certification credential is highly valued in the marketplace. This is because professional certification verifies the manager or executive has job-specific expertise. Industry certification takes professional certification a step further. First, industry certification is not tied to a particular training company or vendor. Most important […]

Certifying the New ITES Economy

Call Centres have a well-deserved reputation in the training world. Between the average attrition rates among call centres, 80% of HR Managers globally expressed their need for training updates. Call centers are almost as busy training as they are serving customers. A combination of ITES Market growth & higher business profile in this fast economy […]