Is Outsourcing the Greater Evil?

The engulfing rage that outsourcing is met with across the US has cooled down several degrees on the Canadian side. Even as the Royal Bank of Canada faced disdain and is embroiled in controversy surrounding its decision to outsource some of its operations, some entrepreneurs believe that outsourcing will bring new jobs in to Canada. […]

Australia and Canada Follow the US Immigration Bill in Introducing New Foreign Visa Restrictions

The first blow to the Indian IT companies came from the US immigration bill which placed restrictions on the number of work visas that a company can sponsor. Canada soon followed suit. The latest development in the visa arena was announced in Australia when the country followed the global trend by tightening its work visa […]

Canada becomes emerging destination for BPO industry

In the March 25th edition of India Today, an interesting feature on BPO industry in India has been covered. As per the feature, the BPO industry of India has fallen deep into the dumps with a lot of BPO jobs moving to other countries and alternate BPO destinations rising up. The article attributes this shift […]