CIO’s review of IT outsourcing market in 2012

At the end of 2011, CIO magazine had predicted a couple of things for 2012 such as the end of cloud computing hype, migration of app development from offshore to in-house, relationship-oriented IT service providers and so on. At the end of 2012, CIO reviews its previous year’s predictions about the IT outsourcing market. A […]

Multiple hats for CIO’s: The Responsible act

Gone are those days when CIOs spent more time in the boiling server room managing the most sophisticated IT machines of the corporate world. They are now seen spending more time in board room of their companies and looking at ways to contribute to the business growth.  The business world is witnessing a paradigm shift […]

Research Reports by CIO

10 Outsourcing Predictions for 2008 (and One to Grow On) It’s been a dynamic year in the information technology outsourcing industry. The Indian rupee rose to record levels while the U.S. dollar declined against most major currencies, impacting global IT service providers and customers alike. Merger and acquisition activity went into high gear (with the […]

CIO’s to count on outsourcing for business transformation

January 21, 2012: Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) usually have the mandate to transform business organizations. In order to transform an organization, CIO’s depend heavily on technology leadership, business processes and outsourcing. Outsourcing is often adopted by many of the companies in the business world. It is considered as a method to cut cost, where CIO’s […]

Revisiting the 2011 IT outsourcing forecasts

Predictions that came true during 2011December 16, 2011 One of the significant trends that were predicted was that the IT players will renew the existing contracts for cost savings. This was a reality as the CEO’s and CFO’s were mounted with huge budget pressures. Most of the IT players were engaged in renegotiations to generate […]

Top 10 CIO priorities in US for 2011-2012

October 22, 2011: This is the list of top ten US CIO’s business technology priorities and how they measure up against the Indian CIO’s list. These are presented in the reverse order. The tenth point on the list is to improve collaboration. All CIO’s of Ford, Procter & Gamble and Cisco encourage collaboration between the […]