Beware of legal traps in Cloud sourcing contract

The word cloud computing is in news for a long time now and is being discussed repeatedly now-a-days. More and more companies are now embracing cloud services looking into the advantages it offers. Increasing pressure on the firms to adopt cloud service to stay competitive in the market has increased the number of cloud service […]

Firms still confused with outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring: Deloitte Survey 2012

Firms are still inclined to outsource business processes for cost savings and operational efficiency according to a survey carried out by Deloitte. The outsourcing and insourcing survey 2012 was released this week after including inputs from 111 companies. The respondents were spread across 23 countries representing 22 different industries. The survey suggests that organizations can […]

How Cloudsourcing is changing the employment landscape

Cloudsourcing is the new buzz word in the IT industry. It is also referred to as second generation outsourcing, which basically refers to changes the relationship between the outsourcing service provider and the customers. Now the service provider is seen more as a business partner. Cloudsourcing is a one stop solution to run business from […]

Emerging cloudsourcing model to save OPEX

December 06, 2011: In this world of intense competition, 8KMiles have come up with a unique outsourcing model by exploiting the cloud. Known as ‘cloudsourcing’, the model enable business organizations to acquire on demand access to remote talent and infrastructure. In the case of large organizations, they have the opportunity to invite number of IT […]