A right way to motivate an employee is to win his heart

The toughest job for an HR manager today in the BPO industry is managing the employees well and retaining them. Companies tend to follow many tactics for employee retention but this often ends in failure when not implemented well. BPOs and other companies should be keen on adopting newer ways to motivate an employee to […]

Ancillary Retention Strategies in BPO

The BPO industry is one which is seeing an increase in attrition rates over the past few years. There are a number of people quitting BPO jobs seeking better prospects because of various discouraging experiences in the industry.  This sector now focuses more on employee retention strategies to reduce attrition rates. Factors determining the retention […]

Employee Reward Policy in BPO

The system of having an employee reward policy needs to be incorporated in every business and in particular the BPO and outsourcing sectors.  Rewards should be given to an employee as soon as a milestone is reached and this will motivate him/her to work more efficiently. Employee reward policy should be administered promptly and ideally […]