Drawing parallel between hospitality and BPO business

October 27, 2011: Dining out at restaurants has become prominent among people and they prefer that than cooking on their own at home. Similarly most of the businesses prefer to outsource their functions than doing it in house. Businesses have realized that outsourcing certain functions are more beneficial than performing it in house. Outsourcing is […]

Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry

Introduction to Revenue Management When you stayed in that luxury hotel during your last vacation, did you check what your neighbor paid for her room? If she were a business visitor, she could have paid well above $300 for the same room that you paid $180. It is also possible that she paid $120 provided […]

Growth in Domestic BPO Market to outpace that of offshore BPO

While the offshore (international) BPO market faces pressures with economy-wide slowdown in developed markets, the domestic BPO market is getting ready to take off. According Arun Jethmalani, CEO, ValueNotes, “Unlike the overseas business, labor or cost arbitrage does not drive the domestic BPO market. It’s strategic factors such as the need to scale rapidly, focus […]