Japan’s Outsourcing Inc acquires majority stake in India’s Alp Consulting

As another evidence to the growing interest of the world in India’s rising employment market, Japan-based staffing firm Outsourcing Inc has acquired the majority stake in Alp Consulting, a Bangalore-based hiring firm which has provided employment to more than 4,000 employees in India. Outsourcing Inc paid $5 million which is equivalent to around 31.2 crores […]

Outsourcing Technology: Japan on a new path of discovery

Outsourcing has been approached with cautious steps by the Japanese business industry. However, there has been a radical change in the attitude towards this business model. More frequently, asset managers in Japan have been taking decisions with regard to outsourcing middle- and back-office functions, which has given a boost to the BPO industry. With regard […]

Software Outsourcing: Lack of skills throws a spanner in the works for Japan

Outsourcing in Japan traditionally carried a different meaning from its globally accepted definition. Even though Japan has been a player in this field for a long time, products and services were usually outsourced to a single service provider. However, there has been a sea change in Japanese perceptions towards outsourcing, and companies have started moving […]

Japan and Vietnam IT firms shake hands over new BPO joint venture

Agrex, based in Japan and FPT Software, based in Vietnam have entered a new BPO joint venture which is claimed to be the first of its kind joint venture taking place in the ASEAN region. The venture will be targeting the BPO services in Japanese market first and will expand cross the globe soon after […]

Japan’s software outsourcing shifts from China to Vietnam

Till few months back, China was the undisputed software outsourcing destination for Japanese IT enterprises. But now the situation is not at all the same. IT firms in Japan are shifting more software outsourcing services to Vietnam. This trend for increased IT outsourcing to Vietnam is getting immense, especially after China-Japan territorial disputes. The trend […]

Philippines, the preferred alternative production site for Japanese manufacturers

August 25, 2011: Japanese firms are planning to start manufacturing operations in the Philippines. Business magnets in Japan feel that the migration to Philippines is a crucial decision taken to avoid the risk factors involved in continuing business operations in the country. The recent disaster struck on March 2011 in the nation has widely affected […]