An outsourcing reality check: Cost reduction not the only factor to outsource

Outsourcing, without any doubt is a proven means for the companies worldwide to slash down their costs. They could replace their costly employees with less expensive employees that are located in offshore outsourcing destinations. However, the concept of outsourcing by companies merely to slash the cost is changing and a new perspective is emerging, that […]

How OEMs should select the right outsourcing partner

Fierce competition, tightening regulations coupled with pressure to come out with differentiated products are some of the challenges faced by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) today. They are increasingly looking ways to cut costs and manage their working capital more efficiently to stay competitive in the market. These trends have encouraged OEMs to rely on electronics […]

Is Outsourcing a recipe for success in retail business?

The behavior of customer’s world over is undergoing a sea change because of new marketing techniques and partly because of changing customer preferences. Economy is too not showing any signs of recovery. These factors are making the retailers worldwide grappling to have a better control on their core business. The retailers are adopting some new […]