IT outsourcing to China increases 3 times. Is Indian IT industry in trouble?

December 08, 2011: For the past few years China has been on a winning streak in the information technology and business process outsourcing sector. The export of services from China to various parts of the world nearly tripled during a period of 3 years. In 2007 the export of services amounted to USD 1.2 billion […]

Indian techies move away from outsourcing

November 8, 2011: The world population has crossed 7 billion, of which 1.2 billion lives in India. Out of the 1.2 billion half of them are under the age of 25, who forms the future of India. In India there is a cell phone tower with in every few miles and new buildings are popping […]

Outsourced call centers are no longer sales outlets

October 4, 2011: Gone are those days when call center outsourcing services were used only for the sole purpose of sales. Now a day’s companies see call center outsourcing providers as a favorable source to enhance customer experience across various customer contact channels. Earlier customer service and customer care were considered as a means to […]