Making Outsourcing Work for You

Outsourcing, in its fledgling state was easy to understand and adopt. A major shift happened when cost cutting alone ceased to the raison d’etre for the business model. While cost reduction remains a major benefit, other reasons like the ability to transform capital expenditure into a more beneficial operating expenditure, access to the latest in […]

How to Do away with the Dangers of Outsourcing – Useful Tips

The benefits of outsourcing have been spoken about on a global scale. The gray areas however, have never reached the same scale of elaboration. An eight story garment factory in Bangladesh recently collapsed due to various structural issues. With too many factories operating in a space meant solely for offices and shops, the collapse did […]

10 Tricks to Becoming the Best Client to Your Outsourcing Provider

Working relationships are sometimes the hardest to understand and mend. It is crucial to be an important client, so as to achieve a dependable working relationship. It is also crucial so as to not get onto the infamous ‘blacklist’. Steve Martin, a partner with Pace Harmon, an outsourcing consultancy was quoted as saying, “Being at […]