The Indian IT-BPM Industry and its sub-sectors

The Indian IT-BPM industry is a rapidly growing sector. At present the industry is generating more than USD 118 billion in revenues. Being at the peak of the global IT-BPM industry, India is the only country that provides services across the different segments of the IT-BPM industry. The industry in India comprises of more than […]

Research and Development outsourcing to India looking up

March 5, 2012: The Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing Industry in India are eagerly waiting for the budgets of the clients in US and UK. The budget will decide the business for the sector in the forthcoming financial year. The slowdown in the United States and the credit crunch in Europe have affected the […]

Technology jobs outsourcing to offshore dropping: BDO US survey

February 17, 2012: According to a recent survey conducted by BDO USA, there has been a decline in the outsourcing activity in the United States technology industry for three consecutive years. BDO USA is an accounting and consulting firm. The survey covered 100 CFOs from technology companies and only 32 per cent of them responded […]

R&D crucial for driving high value curve growth of IT in India

January 10, 2012: India is one of the most favorite global destinations as far as outsourcing is concerned. And there are high expectations in the year 2012 in the Indian outsourcing sector. But the worry is that the trend is not so attractive in the industry. Experts believe that if the research and development work […]

Outsourcing deals raining for small Bio Informatics Firms

November 2, 2011: The bioinformatics market which is dominated by big established players is now being explored by the small firms. They are trying to fill the gaps in the market left by the big companies in the outsourcing area.  But the condition of mid sized companies is not that encouraging as they are affected […]

IT competitiveness in R&D: Philippines finish last

October 7, 2011: In a fresh survey of IT competitiveness in Research and Development, Philippines ranks zero along with Bangladesh. The survey was designed and carried out by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on behalf of Business Software Alliance (BSA). Business Software Alliance is a trade association that promotes the goals of the software industry. It […]