Social Media – the Latest Revolution in Outsourcing?

A large number of businesses are now relying on social media to converse with their consumer base. They use it to inform clients about new tidings in the business. The avenues of choice are varied, whether it is Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or any other site, social media has become the medium of choice […]

Social media BPO: A new trend in BPM

Social media has become a platform for all companies to market their brands all around the globe. In fact, many of the leading players in BPM (business process management) have been utilizing social media BPO as a way to build up business and gain a foothold in the industry. There are some companies like Starbucks […]

Mitigating the risks in Social Media Outsourcing

Today many companies are relying largely on the social media agencies to manage their social media channels and to monitor the conversations about their brands. They consider outsourcing, social media activities to third parties because they lack the expertise internally to manage social media campaigns. These specialist agencies save time and cost. Even though, there […]

Why to outsource your social media campaigns?

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks have taken the world by storm and transformed the way business is done. Social media marketing is considered as one of the most cost effective means of marketing communication and corporate have started using this tool aggressively for connecting with their customers. They are increasingly using this tool […]

Is it thumbs down to social media outsourcing?

January 18, 2012: The drawbacks of outsourcing social media far outweigh its benefits. Even if every one is ready with their own social media strategy, outsourcing it to a third party service provider leaves something to be desired. In the case of a company, if it does not own its own social media, it will […]

Downfalls with social media outsourcing

December 15, 2011: Social media has become a phenomenon among the public and is surely going to stay for a while. Facebook stands first among the social media networks with 800 million users across the world. If we have a look at the Facebook or twitter pages of small business firms, it is quite easy […]

Capgemini relies on social media outsourcing

Rise of Social Media Today with the rise of Social Networks spanning across continents, the world has become ever more connected than before. The World’s number one Social Network Facebook has around 600 Million users now which is almost 30-35 % of the total world population and it is estimated that the number will only […]