Managing Stress in Call Centers

The hectic life today is the primary reason for development of stress. Everyone is stress prone and people working in call centers are almost immune to stress factors as they have to deal with the tough schedules of their assigned work including long working hours. Managing stress is simple and can be done by following […]

Consequences of unmanaged stress in call centers

The call center industry is one place where people work for long hours.  Pressure to meet targets, night shifts, working without a day off, all these factors increases the level of stress in call centers.  This unmanaged stress has devastating effects on the lives of people working in call centers. What happens internally during stress? […]

Remedial Measures for Stress Management in Call Centers

Stress is an inevitable part of a call center job and HR- heads have to properly undertake remedial measures towards stress management in BPO industry. This helps yield maximum efficiency out of the work force. The consequences to stress can be physically as well as mentally daunting. This also significantly reduces the chances of meeting […]

Employees’ personal issues in BPO industry

The BPO industry has been both a boon and bane to outsourced countries. The bane would be the employees’ personal issues in BPO industry. For addressing this, HR professionals need to understand them first and bring in mechanisms to help their employees cope better for optimum productivity. Misuse of freedom and indiscipline The trend set […]