Supply Chain Outsourcing: Scope for New Ventures

Companies need to evaluate and reassess their strategies for effective supply chain management. Several organizations in the BPM industry have outsourced supply chain functions with the purpose of producing efficient work-based processes. In the field of supply chain outsourcing, scope exists for improving utilization and leverage of assets. Outsourcing these functions enables companies to focus […]

Changing face of supply chain outsourcing

The companies are always under pressure to change and improve their supply chain management. The supply chain dynamics has become complex with globalization. The turbulent market condition is forcing the companies to change the way they manage their logistic operation. They are forced to change the way they organize and operate their supply chain units […]

8 Essential Practices in Supply Chain Outsourcing: Gartner Study

September 9, 2011: Supply chain management is a big deal as far as any business is concerned. If any company could not deliver the right inventory at right time with right quantity then it is quite difficult for any company to have a smooth functioning. Its not only about supply chain management, supply chain outsourcing […]