Technology, methodology and tools to effectively undertake outsourcing projects

Relying on another company for outsourcing comes with its share of pros and cons. It is thus imperative for any firm that engages in outsourcing projects to carefully choose the outsourcing companies as well as possess a means of both managing and controlling the outsourcing process. This would in turn make such an automation process […]

A searchable online directory for Business Process Management Consultants

An online directory is the best and effective way to distribute data such as contact information or job capacities on a large project. Business Process Management companies will find such a tool really helpful as they can store the databases of their clients and resources and access it instantly. Straight Forward Methods, LLC and On-line […]

Sequence Kinetics – an effective tool for outsourcing businesses

Outsourcing is considered as an effective strategy followed by organizations for the development of their business. Companies overloaded by projects usually tend to lose focus over the main line of business activity. About Sequence Kinetics Outsourcing allows such organizations to focus on their core business while the outsourced segment is also taken care of. In […]

PyramidAnalysis – a useful dashboard tool for BPO’s

Business organisations world over in their pursuit of growth are looking at various strategies. Some companies are trying to grow organically whereas the others are trying to do so inorganically. The relevance of BPO companies in this context is very high as these companies help the clients in cutting down their cost. BPO companies now […]