What are the offerings of non-voice BPO services?

When people hear the term BPO, most of them tend to associate it with voice process. In reality, BPO does not only provide voice based services, but also other transactional services which are of utmost importance for the organizations to function smoothly. Generally, BPO services can be broadly classified into two – voice and non […]

Aspiring Pilots looking for call center jobs in India

May 12, 2012: Indian aviation sector now contributes 0.5 % to India’s GDP and there are 1.7 million people working in this sector. According to a projection made by World Travel & Tourism council, there is a heavy potential in the travel & tourism sector and this sector will be contributing more than USD 220 […]

Voice support – India losing its glitter

The Philippines was once a colony of the United States from the year 1898 to the Second World War. This was more than enough for the Americans to instill their culture and language in the Philippines. Now India is losing its share in the BPO sector to Philippine, due to their cultural and language affinity […]