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The infrastructure required depends upon if you are setting up a voice based call center or just a backend operation for your client. For e.g. if you are processing the payroll for your client in the U.S. chances are you really don’t need an IPLC line from your facility to your client in the US. However, if you are answering the inbound calls from US then you require an IPLC line.

Few important components of setting up a call center are

  1. IPLC (International private leased circuit) line
  2. Predictive Dialer: This processes potential contacts and identifies disconnected numbers, busy signals, unanswered calls and detects answering machines. Such calls can be avoided, scheduled for later contact, or pre-recorded messages can be left, allowing live agents to only deal with established connections that are directed to them.
  3. CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) – This is the system used for the Screen pop ups as soon as the call is transferred to an agent. The pop up gives the details of the caller, information required & the product details as required by the caller. The info on the pop up screen can vary depending on the settings made. It is optional for a call center.
  4. ACD (Automatic call distribution) – the calls are automatically transferred to the agents who are idle. This may be skill based distribution, performance based or general transfer of calls. ACD is a must for an inbound call center.
  5. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – this enables customers calling a contact center to use voice commands to retrieve the information they require without ever speaking to an agent. This basically helps to reduce the man power cost.
  6. Voice logger – This logs the conversation of all agents which can be used to check the quality of all agents.
  7. MUX – Used to connect the IPLC at both the ends. Now a days most of the call centres are migrating to IP network, hence usage of the MUXs are minimal and routers are needed to connect the IPLC on both ends of the link.
  8. Call Centre Management Software – Software to manage the calls & reporting
  9. LAN Cabling – This is also referred as backbone.

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