PSD to HTML5 Conversion – A Ticket for your Website to Get on Top…!!!

Digitization has become a phenomenon which cannot be ignored! Across various industrial verticals; document and data conversion services have achieved tremendous pace.  With time and various advancements coming in, there have been numerous offshoots of this service - Among these; PSD to HTML conversion has been one of the most popular and sought-after areas. PSD to HTML has almost become a mandatory thing; especially after latest version of HTML – HTML5 was launched and … [Continue reading]

5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Big Data Projects

Big Data has pervaded the business world and has made its presence felt in every sphere of the industry. There is a rush among organisations to embrace Big Data in order to gain benefit out of this phenomenon. Most people are of the idea that Big Data is all about huge volumes of data. They have the impression that with the advancement in technology and the upgradation of their infrastructure, they can make a mark with Big Data analytics and improve their business. However, there are a few … [Continue reading]

Big Data – Are You Aware of Its 5 Vs?

Dog by By Alexander Dimitrov

Big Data is no longer the ‘soon arriving’ thing in business – it has already arrived and is transforming the way business is conducted by companies and enterprises all over the world. Big Data brought in its wake a lot of changes that have shaken up … [Continue reading]

Avoid These 3 Common Blunders to Get Exemplary Results from Transcription Services

transcription blunders

Ever wondered how some of the greatest speeches have managed to survive the wear and tear of time? – Because they were transcribed; each spoken word was keenly noted down on paper and this is how it manages to breath forever. Yes, you are right the … [Continue reading]

5 Most Innovative Big Data Companies Globally

The Weather Channel

Big Data is definitely making inroads into all aspects of business. Enterprises all over the world have already realised its potential and are taking steps to incorporate it for improving their business. However, there are some companies who have … [Continue reading]

5 Promising Big Data Companies in India


India is fast turning into a big name in the world of data analytics. There are several companies that are making a mark in the field of Big Data. These companies are transforming the way in which businesses perform. Let us have a look at 5 promising … [Continue reading]