2016; Extraordinary Yet Challenging Year for BPM Industry

Business Process Management has turned out to be an awesome accomplishment for some organizations around the world, particularly in the eastern world, there has been a gradual shift from the conventional outsourcing trends. BPM trends are evolving to change the dynamics of business processes, becoming vital for businesses that offer several services and are dependent on vendors to support their business goals. The year 2016 is expected to witness changes in the outsourcing trends when it … [Continue reading]

4 Ways in which Small Data is better than Big Data

Data analytics is vital for all kinds of business. But often business organisations are confused about what type of data to mine – Big Data or Small Data. While Big Data has emerged as the key word for business organisations, it is not wise to consider small data to be less insignificant. In fact, small data might have an edge over Big Data in a number of ways. Here are 4 ways in which small data is better than Big Data: 1. Small data is specific and targeted Big Data is concerned with huge … [Continue reading]

India Secures Top Slot in 2016 Outsourcing Index

AT Kearney Rankings

India has secured the position of the world’s largest outsourcing destination, based on financial attractiveness and business environment. This was revealed in a study published by A T Kearney, a London-based global management consulting … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Companies for Payroll Outsourcing in 2016

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Outsourcing payroll services can save your company time, money and legal hassles. There are several online companies that help you to manage the complicated payroll services and processes through the use of advanced software. The process is similar … [Continue reading]

Top 10 BPO Companies in India

Top 10 BPOs

The swiftly growing Indian BPO industry is one of the biggest ones in the global BPO market. Every year scores of BPO companies join the industry in India. This makes it very difficult for a BPO company to establish itself as a key player in such a … [Continue reading]

What is Small Data?

Big Data Vs Small Data. Image source beautifulinsanity.com

Small data is data in a format and volume that is accessible, informative and actionable. Small data is small enough to be comprehended by humans. According to a formal definition of small data proposed by Allen Bonde, VP of Innovation at Actuate, … [Continue reading]

How to turn Big Data into a profitable asset


Big Data has been in the limelight since its introduction into the business scene. Even now the hype regarding Big Data continues. The fact is that many organisations understand the significance of Big Data and recognise its potential in improving … [Continue reading]

5 Essential Data Automation Tips for Start-ups

data automation avoids wasted labor

Big Data introduced the advantages of data analysis to business organisations. But with the ever increasing volume of data the significance of data automation has increased many-fold. Big Data automation is considered to be the key to integrate data … [Continue reading]

5 Useful Tips to Convert Big Data into Smart Data

smart data

Big Data has become the buzzword for businesses over the last few years. Each year a huge amount of data is being produced through various means. Business organisations gather and analyse the data to gain useful insights. But data without structure … [Continue reading]

Technology & BPO, Who’s Changing Who?


Few would debate that innovation is an extraordinary empowering agent. In the BPO business, innovations have made an ocean of changes that numerous never envisioned conceivable only 10 years back. Take offshoring for example, who might have believed … [Continue reading]

Top Data Trends that will Impact You in 2016

Bullfight in Madrid, Spain. Image Source lifeofpix.com

Big Data continued to evolve and impact various aspects of business throughout 2015. It is assumed that the same will hold true in 2016 as well. Industry experts are of the opinion that Big Data will continue to be the market disruptor as machine … [Continue reading]

Top 6 Institutes for Big Data Training in India

Big Data is a constantly evolving field and there is a growing need of Big Data specialists across various industries. The demand is for candidates with knowledge, skillset and expertise that equip them to meet the challenges of this wide field. This … [Continue reading]