The Indian IT-BPM Industry and its sub-sectors

The Indian IT-BPM industry is a rapidly growing sector. At present the industry is generating more than USD 118 billion in revenues. Being at the peak of the global IT-BPM industry, India is the only country that provides services across the different segments of the IT-BPM industry. The industry in India comprises of more than 500 companies. Classification of the IT-BPM industry into sub-sectors The Indian IT-BPM industry is divided into four sub-sectors. Each of these sub-sectors … [Continue reading]

NOS Development and the Indian IT-BPM Industry

The IT-BPM Industry in India has impacted the Indian economy in a major way. Revenue growth apart, the industry has also impacted the socio-economic spheres of the country, including generation of new jobs and development of infrastructure. India has speedily climbed to the top of the IT-BPM services Industry in the world and has become the global leader of this industry. India now faces the challenge to sustain its leadership position at the peak in the long run. Need to develop … [Continue reading]

Role of Occupational and Functional Analysis in NOS Development

Nandi statue Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh. Photographer Kamesh Pemmaraju

The IT-BPM Industry in India is the pioneer of the IT-BPM services Industry at the global level. The Indian IT-BPM Industry has been instrumental in impacting the economy of the country in a positive manner. In order to sustain its leadership over … [Continue reading]

7 Advantages of Video and Podcast Transcription

7 Advantages of Video and Podcast Transcription – You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar on Big Business Benefits

One of the biggest video sharing website YouTube added the ability to add subtitles and captions to videos some time ago. Why did this extremely popular website introduce the auto caption and subtitle feature? The medical transcription market is … [Continue reading]

Impact of the IT-BPM Industry in India

The IT-BPM industry in India has been on a growth trajectory in the last decade. The industry started from humble beginnings and went on to become the pioneer in global IT-BPM industry. India has established itself as the leader of IT-BPM service … [Continue reading]

Why Is the BPM Industry A Preferred Field for Lucrative Career Growth?

The Business Process Management (BPM) Industry is growing by leaps and bounds in India. Starting as the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry in India the industry has undergone changes in role and approach and started operating under the name … [Continue reading]