5 Reasons to Consider Procurement Outsourcing

The success of a business depends on the organization’s ability to adapt to the changing market demands. To achieve this end it is important for organizations to remain focused on every aspect of the business, including the procurement area. Today’s highly competitive market requires organizations to be quick and accurate in their response to supply chain issues, customer requirements, resource demands and future prospects.

Procurement outsourcing can be a solution for companies to remain focused on strategic areas while solving the issues of non-strategic areas effectively. Mentioned below are 5 reasons for organizations to consider procurement outsourcing:

Photographer Mikael Kristenson

Photographer Mikael Kristenson

1. Time Allocation

An efficient outsourced procurement staff can help organizations to save on time. In the last few years many organizations have reduced their staff and streamlined their workforce. This has led to creating increased pressure on the remaining staff members. The in-house staff members are left with no time to deal with any major new project or get engaged in any new cost saving endeavour for the organization.

Procurement outsourcing can be effective in dealing with such issues in a timely manner. It also helps the organization to address its procurement related matters without the need of its in-house staff members to spend extra time on these matters.

2. Resource Engagement

Procurement outsourcing provides an organization with expert resources required to deal with the concerned issues effectively. The in-house staff of an organization may not have the expertise needed to address the problem areas. They may not have the required knowledge or proficiency to solve all the issues or suggest viable solutions for all the procurement related problems.

The outsourced staff will be able to carry out in-depth analysis of the situation and come up with feasible solutions.

3. Quick Result

When outsourced procurement staff is engaged by an organization, they bring to the table their experience to deal with the matter at hand. The team imparts complete focus on the problem area for which they have been engaged. The plus point is that the resources do not have to address other priorities while working on a certain problem area. The in-house staff may have to deal with other priorities while working on the procurement issues.

All these factors enable an outsourced procurement staff to deliver results at a much quicker speed than the in-house staff of an organization.

4. Cost Reduction

The expense of hiring skilled professionals and keeping them in-house is quite high. There is a huge demand for talented manpower in the procurement field. When on organization hires a full time professional for procurement, they have to bear several related expenses apart from the salary, such as insurance, training costs, equipment costs, etc.

Outsourcing the job enables the organization to hire skilled staff on an as-required basis. The outsourced procurement staff can be engaged to deal with a specific project for a certain fixed amount of money. The organization may apply the condition of performance based payment for the outsourcing firm. So, procurement outsourcing helps in cost reduction for the organization.

5. Neutral Solution

An outsourced agency follows a neutral approach in dealing with the matter for which they have been approached or hired. The outsourced team possesses the ability to recognize and eradicate ineffective processes or strategies. They can identify the barriers that force the organization to under-perform or prevent it from reaching its full potential. An in-house staff member may not be able to deal with the situation as neutrally as an outsourced team member can.

Outsourcing the procurement issues helps the organization to get an unbiased analysis of the situation. The organization will also be able to receive a neutral but effective solution for its procurement issues.

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