A to Z of Customer Service Outsourcing

Customer service refers to the act of providing service to customers before, during and after a purchase of goods and services. It involves providing professional and high quality assistance to the customers at the time of sale and thereafter. Customer service is essential for creating bonds with customers and meeting their expectations to develop a satisfied customer base.

Customer service outsourcing means engaging a third party to take care of all customer service related activities. Outsourcing of customer service is mainly done with the intention to provide high quality assistance to customers at a reduced cost for the company or business organization.


What are the services that you can outsource?

Generally companies outsource non-core business activities. The decision to outsource customer services depends on the company and the industry that they belong to. Some of the customer services that are generally outsourced are:

  • Call centre services
  • Technical support services
  • Live chat support services
  • Billing inquiries
  • Order processing and management
  • Account enquiries and maintenance
  • Tele-booking and reservation
  • Warranty or replacement support
  • Insurance claims
  • Loyalty programs
  • Dealer locator services

What to look for in a provider for customer service outsourcing?

Before you entrust a provider with the responsibility to take care of your customer service activities you must be sure of the provider’s ability to offer the best possible service to your customers. Some of the things to look out for in an outsourced service provider for customer services are:

  • Performance Metrics: Try to find out from their present and previous clients or people who referred the service provider about the quality and effectiveness of their services.
  • Capacity: Get to know whether the service provider has the capacity to handle all your requirements regarding the customer services activities
  • Manpower: Know the manpower of the outsourcing team and their expertise in handling customer service related activities
  • Experience: Make enquiries regarding the experience of the service provider and the industry areas that they have served before. Be sure that they have experience in dealing with customers in your industry
  • Security: Be sure to check whether the service provider is loyal and reliable and can be completely trusted or not. Do not compromise on security ever.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Calculate whether the service provider will be cost effective for your business or not.

Indian customer service outsourcing market

India is a major destination for the outsourcing industry. India’s rise to the top of the outsourcing industry has been phenomenal. Interestingly, India has been able to hold on to its position of being one of the most in-demand destinations for outsourcing customer services.

NASSCOM (National Association of Software & Service Companies), the apex body of India’s premier IT software and service (IT & BPO) companies, reported that India’s share in the global outsourcing market is on the rise.

Customers today are no longer satisfied with only cost-effective solutions. They want skilled people who can provide quality service and meet the expectations of their customers. With customer services becoming knowledge-intensive activities, the demand for experienced professionals is also on the rise. India being a country with a huge manpower resource and skilled professionals, more and more global clients are looking towards India for their customer service outsourcing requirements. No wonder industry experts are predicting that India will continue to rule as the leader of outsourcing services, including the customer service outsourcing industry, for the next few years.

Description: Outsourcing of customer services is done to provide high quality assistance to customers at a cost-effective rate for the company. Read on to know in detail.

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